Quarter of a million tons recovered in 2022

We have reached some important milestones we would like to share. Since inception we have recovered over 200 tons of used refrigerants and with the trending pace, we will surpass 250 tons by the end of this year! In 2022 we are expecting to surpass our previous record volumes for recovery, reclamation and laboratory (GC) analyses, set back in 2019.

Key figures so far:

  • 130 tons of virgin refrigerant replaced with reclaimed refrigerant
  • 61 tons of ozone depleting substances (ODS) eradicated by incineration
  • 85 tons of hazardous waste creation prevented by recycling
  • 12 thousand gas chromatograph analyses performed, largest sampling size for F-gases in the Nordics
  • Over 420 000 tons CO2-eq. reduced or 0,8% of Finland’s total annual GHGs*
  • In 2022 we will cut our carbon footprint (Helsinki plant) by 55%

Milestones ahead:

  • Increase our recycling rate from 70% to 90% by the end of 2023
  • Annually recover 500 tons of used refrigerants by the year 2025
  • Annually prevent creation of hazardous waste by 140 tons by 2025
  • Replace 360 tons of virgin refrigerant with reclaimed (e.g., Finland’s total bulk import in 2020 was circa 400 tons)
  • Reduction of emissions equivalent to 2,4M tons CO2-eq. in the Nordics by 2025

Few interesting facts:

  • 2043 (per kg) – is the average global warming potential value (GWP) of the recovered refrigerants
  • Emissions from production of reclaimed refrigerant – <0,01kg CO2-eq., average, per kilogram produced
  • Emissions from production of virgin refrigerant – 11kg CO2-eq., average, per kilogram produced
  • Our reclaimed refrigerants are recycled from raw material recovered in the Nordic countries vs. virgin refrigerants are transported from overseas and the raw material, in form of minerals, is obtained from mining (70% produced in China)


*Cumulative number of prevented CO2-emissions caused by production and transport of virgin refrigerants, destruction of used refrigerants and possible release into the atmosphere)