The climate is changing, and all efforts are needed in this complex environmental challenge. When it comes to reclaimed refrigerants, it is important to note that reclaiming refrigerant does not lower any GWP- or ODP-values. It has the same GWP value as virgin product.

However, together we can concretely tackle climate change via two factors:

  • Decreasing production and import of virgin refrigerants with high GWP.
  • Implementation of circular economy and waste-to-value thinking: less waste and higher recycling rate.

This way we can decrease emissions caused by production of virgin products and by converting waste to valuable raw material, which is not misused or released into the atmosphere, less waste is created.

Since 2016, our recovery and reclamation services have helped our customers to reduce over 1,4M kg of CO2-eq. which would have been caused by production, transportation and unnecessary destruction of refrigerants

Circular economy

Resource effectiveness and transition into circular economy are crucial for our planet’s future. Reclaimed refrigerant has a significantly lower carbon footprint than virgin product. By re-using refrigerants, raw materials and other natural resources required for production can be saved to minimize the risk of depleting the planets natural reserves.