Refrigerant Reclamation

Is your cooling appliance nearing the end of its life cycle? Order recovery cylinders, sort the refrigerant and book a pick-up - without any costs.

Image of the refrigerant life cycle.

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After a refrigerant analysis you will be notified if the substance is reclaimable or not. This implies that used refrigerant dosen't necessarily need to be incinerated, thus you can avoid waste destruction related costs. Refrigerants that can be reclaimed may also be bought back directly to a price lower than the market price. The refrigerant can also be handed over to us in exchange for compensation.

Our reclaimed refrigerants with hold equivalent quality to virgin refrigerant according to AHRI-700 (2019) standard. Your cooling system performs better if the refrigerant is clean, increasing the energy efficiency and reducing unwanted running interuptions. By reclaiming refrigerants, we utilize an important resource.



We offer recovery cylinders and transports for sorted recovered refrigerant with out any reception costs. Recovery cylinders can be found in various sizes and are rented with out cost up to (6) months.


Refrigerants are reclaimed at the Eco Scandic facility in Helsinki, Finland in accordance with AHRI-700 (2019) and ISO 11650-1999 standards.


Refrigerants that cannot be reclaimed are sent to Fortums specialized incineration facility in Riihimäki, Finland.

We buy refrigerant

If your refrigerant can be reclaimed we can offer compensation for it if you do not need it back.

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