Refrigerant quality control

Eco Scandic provides laboratory analysis of refrigerants in Northern Europe. Use of recycled and reclaimed refrigerant is becoming more common and that is why it is imperative that possible contaminant levels are determined in order to maintain energy efficiency and to keep low maintenance costs.

Our refrigerant analysis includes analysis of volume fraction of impurities (GC) and contaminant levels such as moisture, oil and other high boiling residue and acids.



Eco Scandic Oy has established first thorough laboratory for analyzing refrigerants in Nordic countries. Our lab produces quality certificates in accordance with the AHRI-700 and ISO 11650-1999 standards.



It should be observed that a contaminated refrigerant increases the cooling appliance energy consumption as well as shortens the cooling devices lifetime, which in turn increases the maintenance costs for the device owner. Refrigerant quality control is important in determining a system's operating condition

Infared speed-analysis (IR) before gc-testing

A fast and only indicative refrigerant analysis that detects refrigerant components. If the components cannot be determined it is likely that the substance contains multiple refrigerants, thus making the refrigerant non-reclaimable and is treated as waste. The speed-analysis takes 2 minutes and is included in our refrigerant reclamation service.

Gaschromatograf (GC)

A thorough analysis that determines all the gas phase components to an accuracy of 0,1 %. By conducting a GC-analysis we can be certain of that the refrigerant can be reclaimed even though the IR-analysis indicated otherwise. However, the GC-analysis cannot single handedly determine the quality of the refrigerant, a KF for water measurement and Goetz bulb for oil and residue is required as well.

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