Daikin Finland and Eco Scandic collaboration

The collaboration between Daikin and Eco Scandic begins

Holistic approach for refrigerant and heat pump recycling

Daikin, as a global leader in HVACR-segment, is applying the LooP-system in Finland in collaboration with Eco Scandic.

The refrigerant from decommissioned heat pumps is recovered, delivered to Eco Scandic. The ”dry” heat pumps are then transported to Stena Recycling for further processing.

The service is open to all OEM’s and maintenance companies in order to maximize the impact of recycling.

Read more: https://www.sttinfo.fi/tiedote/daikin-aloittaa-kylmaaineiden-ja-lampopumppujen-kierratyksen?publisherId=69817192&releaseId=69970379