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Sell your used refrigerant to us

Used refrigerants can be restored to pristine quality through reclamation if the refrigerants have been sorted during recovery. If you have recovered refrigerant, let us take it of your hands in exchange for compensation. Contact us for an offer.


First ever reclamation site in Türkiye commissioned by Eco Scandic

First ever reclamation site in Türkiye commissioned! Our holistic approach with UNIDO is to establish turnkey reclamation

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Daikin Finland and Eco Scandic collaboration

The collaboration between Daikin and Eco Scandic begins Holistic approach for refrigerant and heat pump recycling Daikin

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Recycle and reuse – category Go Global 2022

We are honored and humbled to receive the Go Global 2022 award in the category recycling and reuse in Tallinn

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Nippon Gases and Eco Scandic collaboration

Waste management and sustainable low-GWP alternatives in one package @Nippon Gases Italia, one of the largest

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How refrigerant reclamation works

Step 1


Recovery cylinders and freight for sorted, recovered refrigerant with out reception fees. Recovery cylinder sizes: 12,5 L, 27 L, 61 L and 950L vessels.

Step 2


During reclamation, contaminants such as oil, moisture and other impurities are removed. Component balancing is also performed when required in accordance with AHRI-700 standard.

Step 3


The analysis measures the concentration of oil, moisture and other impurities, while component balances are inspected using gas chromatography. The whole analysis process is according to AHRI-700 standard.

Step 4


When the quality is determined the prodcut is given a certificate of quality and is delivered to the customer.

Step 5


By reclaiming refrigerants you can avoid expensive destruction fees and save natural resources, while guaranteeing refrigerant availability.

A cleaner world through recycling

In 2020, we reduced global emissions by 360 000 kg CO2-eq together with our customers, emissions that would have occured from virgin refrigerant manufacturing and transport. The emission figure equals to 2,7 million kWh of electricity produced in Finland.

+ 2.2 M kg

CO2-eq emissions prevented

+ 250 tn

Refrigerant recieved

+ 8 years

of experience in refrigerant management

About us

Eco Scandic is the only business in the nordic countries that focuses on refrigerant reclamation. Our mission is to offer circular solutions for sustainable development, by which the customer can increase resource utilization by extending the life cycle of cooling systems while reducing emissions.

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