Recovery Instructions

Refrigerant can under no circumstances be released into the atmosphere and should therefore be recovered and analysed in order to determine its fate. Recovered refrigerant is either recycled through reclamation or destroyed through incineration or thermal conversion. In the text below you can find instructions on how to recover refrigerants.

Criteria for refrigerant recovery

  • The recovery vessel has to be with in its best before date and must always be leak proof and in good condition.
  • The vessel may never be over filled. Always follow the markings regarding filling volumes on the vessel.
  • Different refrigerant types are to be sorted in separate recovery vessels in order to avoid cross contamination.
  • Different refrigerant types may not be mixed in the same vessel.
  • Recovery vessel which have not been vacuumed or contain a unknown substance may not be used during recovery.

We offer π-certified recovery cylinders and pick-ups for sorted refrigerant without reception costs. Recovery cylinder sizes in our offering: 12,5 L, 27 L, 61 L and 950 L (gas drum). Recovery vessel are rented without cost up to (6) months.

Recovering and returning refrigerants

  1. Familliarize your self with the recovery instructions above.
  2. Order recovery cylinders from us through CTS or
  3. Fill the recovery vessels according to the instructions.
  4. Infrom us when you wish for us to collect to collect the recovery cylinders.
  5. Cylinders are picked-up by an external shipping company
  6. Reclaimable refrigerant is analyzed, reclaimed and shipped back to the customer in rental cylinders (3 months rent free period). Or we purchase the recovered refrigerant from you!
  7. Repeat!

Details for the pick-up

  • Net and gorss weight of the shipment.
  • Amount of cylinders and in what sizes.
  • Pallet measurments (LxWxH)
  • Refrigerant type (if unknown, use UN3163, LIQUEFIED GAS, N.O.S.)
  • Sender, contact person och contact information
Elmeri Mustaniemi

Sales Sweden

Elmeri Mustaniemi
(+46) 70 753 83 05
Anna Laukkonen

Sales Finland

Anna Laukkonen
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