RECOVERY & Reclamation facility (R&RF) as a turnkey solution - we build it for you

Circular economy and waste-to-value thinking has always been important to our company. The core of our strategy was to create an efficient, effortless and feasible solution for end-users to manage their F-gas waste.

Most article V countries lack the infrastructure for waste management of F-gases, which assumes 100% venting rates at equipment end-of-life in the absence of regulatory prohibition. This results in massive annual CO2- and ODS -emissions. Direct emissions from refrigerants are responsible for over 3% of global total CO2-emissions. It is suggested that with the correct handling of the refrigerants, their recovery and reclamation (recycling to a level of virgin product) could help avoid fluorocarbon emissions equivalent to 90 billion metric tons of CO2 by the end of this century.

Our turnkey solution is customizable and includes all vital elements for running a feasible reclamation facility:

  • Annual processing capacity from 30 to 200 metric tons
  • Full laboratory equipment and training in accordance with AHRI-700 standard
  • Processing equipment and training in accordance with AHRI-740 standard
  • Cylinders and drums
  • Installation, commissioning, calibration and training
  • Site visit to our processing plant in Helsinki
  • License for Cylinder Tracking System (CTS) - a unique QR-code based ERP-system designed by Eco Scandic
  • We deliver the preinstalled, calibrated equipment to your location for commissioning and train the personnel typically for 3-4 days.

For who?

The model is easy to integrate into existing business structures or companies worldwide such as:

  • Gas wholesalers
  • Waste management companies
  • WEEE-facilities
  • HVAC/maintenance companies

Although recovery and reclamation has been present for years, very few, if any, reclamation entities have been successful in article V countries. Our goal is to create an end-life treatment model by providing a turnkey solution for a sustainable and feasible recovery & reclamation facility (R&RF). Our turnkey solution includes the establishment of a fully functional site, training, business model implementation and technical support. Watch the video below to better understand how our model works, and how it can be implemented.

Besides our successfully implemented concept in Northern Europe, we have successfully commissioned three sites in article V countries with several other projects pending. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or inquiries.